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Marina Single Sailors – How Learning to Sail Can Bring You Fun & Enjoyment

tips-for-sailingSailing is a hobby preferred by many people. It is a recreation pursuit that anyone of any gender, age, and ability can take up. Learning to sail does not only brings you a sense of personal fulfillment and achievement but it also opens up a whole new sphere in your social circle and can lead to lifelong friendships.

We can talk about sailing all day long as it is an immense topic, starting from small dinghy sailing on inland lakes to ocean sailing in expensive yachts or modern tall ships, but the important thing is that it is an amazing experience. In our marina single sailors guide, we want to include why learning to sail can bring a positive change in your life and moments filled with fun and enjoyment.

Usually, the beginners learn to sail on small yachts which are based at the local marina. The beginners start with learning the ropes and basics of sailing but under the watchful eye of a professional sailing instructor. If you manage to learn the fundamentals properly, one day you can form your own crew and organize a one-day sailing or a sailing weekend on coastal waters.

First, you need to research and search for the sailing clubs or schools that are nearest to you. Make sure to check if the boats are clean and well-kept, and if the staff is professional, friendly, and eager to show you around.

Once you’ve found the perfect sailing school, your first objective will be to achieve the Competent Crew certificate. Taking this certificate can be covered in three weekends but if you like you can take the course in just five days without a break. You’ll definitely benefit from the intensity of the course. At the end of the training, besides the enjoyment, the sense of achievement, and fun week experience, you’ll probably meet a group of people of different ages and with various interests in life.

The Competent Crew Training Course commonly takes place on a 36-foot yacht and a professional skipper in charge of 4 to 6 people who are beginners in sailing. You can make new friends among crew members with whom you will sail on recreational adventures or other courses in the future.

Sailing commonly attracts single sailors who enjoy spending time alone and those who are passionate about the sea and its beauty!