About Us

Hey guys, I’m back! Wanted to take a few moments and introduce who we are. Don’t Judge us..

To start, my name is Harper and I represent a group of sailors that love the open water just as much as being with a women. Strange to even say it, but its the truth! We enjoy the relaxation that it provides, no one screaming at you, with all the expectations. Now, please understand that we are all married with 2+ kids each, but mens night out is a day on the open water.

I promised the guys that I wouldn’t get detailed on this site about our personal lives, but we do live in Southern California where you couldn’t ask for better waters. If you’re already thinking it, YES we do have to work for a living, therefor our time together is always brief. I wouldn’t trade it for nothing in the world!

That’s enough about us! Thanks for your time and leave a comment before leaving the site if there is something on your mind.