Marina Single Sailors – Guide to Marina Del Rey Yacht Clubs

Besides the stunning beaches, unmatched cinema attractions, and breathtaking amusements parks in Southern California, marina single sailors can enjoy Marina Del Ray Yachts Clubs. As the sailors have unique interests and needs, they can finally enjoy the open water as they want and experience the real beauty of being a single sailor.

There are various Marina Del Rey Yacht Clubs in Southern California including The California Yacht Club, The Marina Venice, The Del Rey, Pacific Mariners, The South Coast Corinthian, Santa Monica, and etc. Each club offers different amenities, functions, and options. In order to find the right club for you, begin by evaluating your interests and you’ll know which Marina Del Rey Yacht Club can meet your interests and needs.

  • Sporty Spirits – Few of Marina Del Ray Yacht Clubs offer sports activities, so if you are a single sailor who besides sailing enjoy planning tennis or swimming, The California Yacht Club might be the best choice for you.
  • Yacht Club Socialites – Let’s face it – the sailing community is very popular. Single sailors can have club meetings at the South Coast Corinthian, enjoy social dinner parties at Santa Monica, have football nights at Pacific Mariners or attend an elegant cocktail party at the California Yacht Club.Yacht Clubs
  • Boat Repair Do-It-Yourself – Many single sailors get personal satisfaction and pleasure from maintaining and caring for their boat by themselves. If you are one of these sailors, then the Pacific Mariners Club and the Marina Venice Club are the right choices for you.
  • Sailing & Cruising Adventures – One of the best benefits of joining a yacht club is probably the possibility to hit the seas whenever you want. All of the Marina Yacht Clubs organize boating adventures such as sunset and dinner cruises, fishing expeditions, snorkeling tours, dance cruises and more.

When you select the yacht club that is tailored to your interests and needs, you’ll discover much more than just something to do on a regular basis or during the weekends – you’ll meet like-minded people and new adventures that will bring joy to your life.